At Imperial Carriages we like to offer our customers the best service available, not only do we sell excellent cars, we are also able to offer full dealer facilities. We have been able to negotiate with a number of finance companies preferential rates and terms, therefore passing these savings on to our customers.

Below are ideas of the various finance packages open to our customers

Private and business user options:


The most straightforward method of financing your new vehicle is with an asset purchase agreement; this allows you to spread the cost over an agreed term. At the end of the agreement, you own the vehicle.

We have a range of options to give you flexibility and to meet your individual needs.

Range of repayment methods:

You can specify the number of years that your agreement can run (to a maximum of five). The longer the term, the lower monthly payments will become.

Fixed Rate:
Our fixed interest rates will ensure that your payments will remain the same for the entire duration of the agreement.

Deferred amount:
As a method of lowering your monthly commitment, a part of the borrowing can be deferred until your final payment (this is sometimes referred to as a "balloon").

Variable Deposit:
You can choose the amount of deposit you wish to put into the agreement, however the more you put in the lower your monthly payment will become.

Buy now Pay later:
On most of the vehicles you will have the option of a 3month payment holiday before your monthly commitment commences. * This option is subject to status


On all our finance packages, we offer you the opportunity to protect your monthly payment against unforeseen situations.


This product is designed for people who like to change their car every 2 or 3 years. At the time of purchase we can give you a Guaranteed Future Value on your new car, therefore when it comes to change over time there are no shocks as to the value of your part exchange.


At Imperials we can offer all the above packages along with Lease Purchase, Finance Lease, 50/50 and Variable rates.
We can and do cater for Limited companies, Partnerships and even "Trading as" businesses.


Guaranteed Asset Protection:
This product is available to customers that have financed their car through us. Should your car be written off or stolen (within the finance term), and there is a financial shortfall between the amount that is still owed to the finance company, and the amount that your car insurance company are willing to payout .Gap will bridge the shortfall by up to 20000.

*Everyone knows someone who has had a poor insurance payout.

Vehicle Replacement Protection:
This product bridges the gap between the amount that your car insurance pays out, and the invoice price you have paid for the car. The cover is up to three years and a maximum payout of 20000 (dependant on the purchase price).

Ask yourself this question "Can you afford not to purchase this product with insurance company payout levels"


Along with our standard free of charge warranty, we have been able to negotiate a fully comprehensive and unique cover plan called "Sure".

(In our experience this is the best cover money can buy).

The policy covers:

  • Diagnostic fees *
  • Up to 80 per hour labour rates
  • Wear & tear cover *excluding normal service items
  • Claims limit up to the purchase price of the vehicle
  • All Electrical and Mechanical components
  • No limit to the number of claims
  • Repairs may be undertaken at franchised dealerships
  • Factory fitted in car entertainment Vehicles can be covered for up to three years

    * Points 1 & 3 are often excluded on Manufactures Warranties.

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    We are pleased to work in conjunction with Black Horse Motor Finance
    *Part of the Lloyds TSB Group.
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